Supply Chain Fulfillment Solutions for the era
of ecommerce and omni-channel logistics

The Alyson Platform

Millbyte Solutions and the ALYSON platform supports your supply chain fulfillment. A fully integrated solution from order and warehouse to delivery. A store solution to improve your omnichannel strategy and enable complete delivery management all the way to your customers front door.

We offer you an experienced team of professionals and a powerful platform. Together with value added software and implementation partners we provide you a secure and sharp solution.


Warehouse Management

Order and delivery from your warehouse or terminal.

Store solutions

Strengthen your omnichannel strategies.

Live Delivery Tracking

Deliveries with a realtime tracking experience.

Returns fulfillment

Improve customer satisfaction with intelligent returns.


Our software platform ALYSON is powered by Microsoft .NET technology and Microsoft Azure cloud computing infrastructure. The software is offered as a SaaS and is supported by modern technologies. Standard integration is made with RESTful and SOAP webservices with an optional custom designed setup. User interface is device responsive and web based. Native mobile apps support both Android and iOS.

We bring you industry-leading performance and security powered by Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Azure.

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